Your Referral Link is directly connected to your profile. It is through this link you can assess the number of friends you have invited. Therefore, ensure that your friends sign up directly through this link in order for your referrals to be correctly accounted for.

To find your Referral Link:

  1. Log on Trybe,
  2. Click on “Products” and open the product you would like to invite friends to see,
  3. Click “Invite a Friend” and select which platform you would like to send the invite from. This could be through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and WhatsApp. You can also just directly copy the link to the product page,
  4. Your friends must click that specific link and create a new account in order for the referral to be registered in your profile.

Our system will automatically count the number of friends that have registered through your Referral Link. To see how many friends you have referred, click here.

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